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How To Join

Membership in the Council is a great professional and business decision that shall give you a competitive edge in the New Zealand business community. As the premiere Filipino advocacy organisation for business in New Zealand, NZPBC is working to promote a healthy and vibrant economy, while protecting and advancing the interests of its members, as well as Filipino professionals and businesses as a whole.


NZPBC works in conjunction with citizens, trade organisations, goods and services businesses, and investment and government partners to provide a positive business environment and improve the quality of life in New Zealand.

Being a member requires commitment to help the organization and the well being of the Philippine business community in New Zealand which comes with great benefits and privileges. Come and join now!


Follow these 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Fill-out the NZPBC Online Application Form. Click here to go to the online form.

Step 2

We will send you an email acknowledging the receipt of your application. Wait for approval from the Membership Committee, which will come along
with your first invoice. Please allow us a minimum of two weeks to get back to you with approvals.

Step 3

Pay invoice and any other information requested. Your membership will get activated only after payment is processed.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the membership, kindly email and one of the Membership Committee members will contact you.

Benefits and Privileges of a Member

By becoming a member of the NZPBC, you gain access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities, including:


  • Networking events and business forums

  • Trade missions and delegations

  • Industry-specific seminars and workshops

  • Business matchmaking services

  • Market intelligence and research reports

  • Advocacy and representation

  • Access to a network of experienced professionals and industry experts


Join us today and be a part of a vibrant community of businesses and professionals dedicated to fostering strong economic ties between New Zealand and the Philippines.

For more information about the New Zealand Philippines Business Council, please visit our Facebook page or contact us directly via email at


We look forward to working with you to unlock the potential of New Zealand-Philippines business opportunities!

Annual Subscription Rates

Membership to the New Zealand Philippines Business Council is open to individuals and organisations.


  • Associate Membership - individuals and professionals

  • Corporate Membership - organisations and companies


All Corporate members are automatically included in the Sponsors page of the NZPBC website and have the option of adding advertising details and/or links to their respective websites.

For new members there is a 50% rebate for the first year, and after 31 March, the relevant rate will be pro-rated according to the month in which application is made. 

As of 1st January 2023, the rates are:

o Associate $50 per year Membership Fee
o Corporate $100 per year Membership Fee

Membership Form

Please take a moment to complete the form.

Choose your membership type:

Contact us

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Thanks for submitting!

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