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Terms & Conditions
for Membership Application

This application serves notice that the Applicant has agreed to pay the designated fee for the membership type applied for.

  • Applicant has agreed to undergo subsequent background check prior to validation

  • On signing this membership application form, applicants confirm their adherence to the NZPBC Code of Ethic and shall be responsible to know what these are and to strictly abide by them.

  • Application process requires attendance to requisite NZPBC meetings and involvement in NZPBC activities.

  • NZPBC reserves the right to veto applications for membership.

  • Memberships are approved and vetoed on the basis of the applicants’ reputation of integrity and their business or profession being construed as able to contribute to NZPB's aim of promoting a healthy and vibrant economy while protecting and advancing the interests of its members.

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