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Mabuhay! Welcome to New Zealand Philippines Business Council (NZPBC). We are a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and strengthening trade, investment, and business relationships between New Zealand and the Philippines. Our goal is to promote Filipino business in New Zealand and assist in the growth of Filipino business owners through information and network support among the members, community and the Philippine and New Zealand governments. We also endeavour to bridge any mutual business opportunity between the two nations.

Established in 2009, the NZPBC serves as a platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals who are interested in expanding their commercial ventures or exploring opportunities in either New Zealand or the Philippines. With a growing membership base, we provide a range of services and resources to facilitate business collaborations and connections.

Our Objectives

  1. Facilitate Business Partnerships: The NZPBC acts as a bridge between the New Zealand and Philippine business communities, assisting in the establishment of valuable partnerships and collaborations.

  2. Promote Trade and Investment: We actively promote and facilitate trade and investment opportunities between the two countries, striving to enhance economic growth and prosperity.

  3. Provide Networking Opportunities: We organize regular events, seminars, and forums to provide networking opportunities for our members, fostering relationships and knowledge sharing.

  4. Advocacy and Support: The NZPBC represents the interests of its members, advocating for policies and initiatives that promote bilateral trade and investment between New Zealand and the Philippines.

  5. Information and Resources: We provide our members with access to up-to-date information, market research, and resources to assist them in making informed business decisions.

How We Started


The New Zealand Philippines Business Council (NZPBC) was established in November 2009 when a group of Filipino businessmen came together with the aim of fostering B2B business between New Zealand and the Philippines. Led by visionary business individuals, the council's first Chairman was Juan Miguel Araneta, with Paulo Garcia serving as Secretary and Mark Dizon and Gerry Quijano among its Board Members.

The official re-launch of NZPBC coincided with the first visit of PEZA Director General De Lima to New Zealand. Hence on this year 2012, the NZPBC board members suggested to build up new members and coordinate with the Embassy to strengthen the relationship between businesses in the Philippines and New Zealand. NZPBC played a significant role in welcoming visiting Philippine businessmen to New Zealand, facilitating their exploration of new opportunities. Notable visitors during this period included Andrew Tan, the CEO of Megaworld, and the Philippine President at the time, His Excellency President Benigno Aquino III.

Since its inception, NZPBC has worked closely with the Philippine Embassy in New Zealand. The council has collaborated with the embassy to develop and implement programs aimed at benefiting the trade relationship between the two countries.

On top of this objective is making NZPBC as a key hub for Filipinos wanting to build a business in New Zealand and learn from members who have a long time experience in their respective industries. 

What We Do


As an organization, the NZPBC fulfills a diverse range of roles. It provides information seminars for entrepreneurs, equipping them with valuable knowledge and insights to thrive in the business landscape.


Additionally, NZPBC organizes sports events for Filipinos, fostering community engagement and cultural exchange.


Furthermore, the council actively engages in high-profile relationship building between the Philippines and New Zealand, working with key stakeholders to foster strong business alliances and promote bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Check out our activities throughout the years.

Business Support Programs


The New Zealand Philippines Business Council offers a range of business support programs to assist its members. These programs include industry-focused seminars that provide in-depth knowledge and insights into specific sectors.


NZPBC conducts Business101 workshops like "Nego Show" to address fundamental business requirements and challenges.


The council builds connections by organizing networking events to facilitate valuable collaborations among members. Moreover, NZPBC promotes suppliers partnerships, fostering mutually beneficial relationships between businesses. Also, co-member coaching opportunities are provided, allowing members to benefit from mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals within the council.

Click here to see our current programs.


Gallery of Events

NZPBC is active in many events. Check out our pictures here.

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NZPBC Stories
2023 NZPBC Business Meet & Induction Ceremony


NZPBC broke another record in its history by gathering the Filipino NZ business shakers and movers in one venue on 29th July, Saturday night at XO Takapuna, Auckland. The event was graced by our Honourable Ambassador Kira Christianne Azucena and her team, Minister and Consul Gen. Chris Aro, Cultural Officer Sharon Primavera and Communications Officer, Miguel Moreno.

Our Council Chairman, Nick Salas and Former Chair Lito Banal along with Ambassador Azucena inducted our new NZPBC South Island Chairman, Ivan Presquito of Elegant Kiwi Homes, who promised to uphold the constitution of our organization and build a healthy business community in the south.

Opening of XO Restaurant


Watch the opening of XO Restaurant owned and operated by one of our long-time members, Ed Viterbo and his wife Bow, on February 2022 in the midst of the pandemic.


They successfully built a flourishing business in the hospitality industry for 20 years and is one of the active members of NZPBC. 

XO is a Southeast Asian fusion restaurant and bar located at Hauraki corner in Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland.

Our friend and vlogger, Russel Siayngco, takes us on a tour to meet the owners, the site, and the great people of NZPBC who supported Ed and Bo in this new venture.

2022 Filipino-Kiwi Hero Awardees


The ‘6th Filipino-Kiwi Hero of the Year’ awards for community and businesses held on 25th July 2022 recognised many amazing Filipinos. There is the outstanding community group that went the extra mile to help their kababayan, both here and overseas and a passionate community leader for whom ‘thank you’ is payment enough for her time-consuming community work. We also have a courageous migrant advocate, a dynamic business achiever, a super-talented singer, a popular radio personality and a genius fashion supremo. - Mel Fernandez, Filipino News NZ

Former President Aquino Visit to Auckland


Ex-president and late Benigno Aquino III. took the time to visit NZ to meet with the Filipino business community in Auckland on 22 October 2012.

He expressed the full support of the Philippine government to the Pinoy-kiwi businessmen and promised to bring in more opportunities to create synergy with the best businesses from the  Philippines.

NZPBC was crucial to this visit as it coordinated with the Philippine Embassy to NZ invite all our members and encourage new businesses to hear what benefits we can get from the president's visit.

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