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Meet Our Officers


The New Zealand Philippines Business Council comprises a diverse and influential group of members who are actively engaged in promoting and advancing the economic ties between New Zealand and the Philippines. Our esteemed members include industry leaders, business professionals, entrepreneurs, government representatives, and academics from various sectors.


With their wealth of experience, expertise, and passion, our members contribute to the growth and success of both nations by fostering trade, investment, and collaboration opportunities.


Together, we form a dynamic community dedicated to strengthening the bilateral relationship and creating a prosperous future for New Zealand and the Philippines.

Paul Familara

Overall Chairman


Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur and natural leader, contributing his expertise in tech and marketing to NZPBC. He also holds the position as President of the Pinoy Golf Club Auckland developing a community of golfers in New Zealand.  He demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age establishing his own corporation at age 22 and now focused on the tech and service sectors.


He envisions a future where Filipinos, in both the Philippines and New Zealand, embrace entrepreneurship to create wealth from innovative ideas, uplifting lives, and shaping a better future for generations to come.

Innovate Marketing NZ

Ivan Presquito_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Ivan Presquito

Chairman- South Island


Ivan is the Chairman of the South Island Chapter of NZPBC, a position he holds with great dedication and passion. With his strong business acumen and proper connections in the building industry in Christchurch, he actively fosters relationships between Kiwi and Filipino businesses in this part of the country.


As an influential figure in the business community, Ivan plays a crucial role in growing new opportunities for businesses expanding the NZPBC network.

Elegant Kiwi Homes

Jai Nario



Jai serves as the Secretary of the New Zealand Philippines Business Council (NZPBC) with utmost dedication and efficiency.


With exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Jai plays a pivotal role in managing the council's administrative tasks, maintaining records, and facilitating smooth communication among members. Her invaluable support ensures that the NZPBC functions seamlessly, enabling members to maximize their engagement and collaboration opportunities.


Jai Nario_edited.jpg
Conrad Galang_2_edited.jpg
Conrad Galang



Conrad, the Treasurer of the New Zealand Philippines Business Council (NZPBC), is a highly competent and detail-oriented professional responsible for overseeing the council's financial matters.


With a strong background in finance and a keen eye for numbers, Conrad diligently manages the council's funds, ensures accurate financial records, and provides strategic guidance for financial decision-making.


His commitment to transparency and financial stewardship enables the NZPBC to operate effectively and responsibly. Conrad Galang's expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the council's financial stability and long-term success.

CMR Accounting & Taxation Services

Board Members

Members List


Corporate Members

FunTo Ltd - Gladys & Brian Sarmiento

Kiwi Group - Lito Banal

Phil-NZ Global Cargo - Ariel Abrogena

Planet Earth Travel - Edith Carpenter

Innovate Marketing NZ - Paul Familara

CMR Accounting - Conrad Galang

Restaurand Brand -Eduardo Viterbo

Security & Gates Ltd - Molino Garcia

Sensient Technologies - Lorna Abott

Royal Oak Medical - Oliver Samin

Tres Marias - Joy Catoto

Garcia Law - Paulo Garcia

Migrant News - Sheila Mariano & Mel Fernandez

RGB Draughting - Ryan Bautista

Leanovation Ltd - Justinn Valerio

MDG Properties - Mark Dizon & Leilani Guillen

Quick Web - Roel Gerona

Right Education - Jay Aranas

My Embroidery - George Bautista

Pathfindr - Wennie Fernandez

Elegant Kiwi Homes - Ivan Presquito

Lawspace - Maricel Weischede

Gary Leano - Studio G

Vic Artates - DownEaster

May Grace Lazarito - Asian Grocery Cromwell

Associate Members


Mark Guadalupe

Omar Romero

Rene Molina

Gene Bagsic - Bagsic Law

Nida Gray

Mauro Oreta

Virginia Russel

Joel Montarde

Michael & Blossoms Cruz

Romil Fernandez

Russell & Maria Siayngco

Nick Salas

Jet Morales

Efren Pascual

Roy Soriano-Cabauatan

Ric Benitez

Zenie Low

Gerald Quijano

Cheril Calling
Edwin Quindo

Albert Samson

Louie Samson

Bien Tabo

Joel Montarde

Percival la Madrid

Raymund Virrey

Rene Pascual

Roy Boquiron

Neil Castillo

Cora Dignadice

Cris Raducu

Mel Baker

Nimfa Uy

Vincent Cebes

Sonny Lu

Cora Noblejas

Rose Tuason

Jai Nario

Hoover Uy De Baron

Donovan Mendoza

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